Feria de Cuchellería de Madrid 2022

The Madrid Knife Show, first held in 2017, was well under way to become ‘the place to be’ for Spanish knife makers – and then came Covid. But as with so many knife shows: Madrid is back. This year’s edition, on 12 and 13 March, had the largest attendance to date.
Spain has a wonderful blade history, and used to be one of the world centres of blade making. But much of that heritage is lost, and strict laws, which generally regard knives as weapons rather than useful tools or pieces of art, do not help much either.
The Madrid Knife Show was established to change all that. After a modest start the show seemed well under way, until Covid. But this year’s edition, on 12 and 13 March, proved the organisation right. It featured almost 70 exhibitors and the largest attendance to date – which means the present venue, Hotel Amura, has become too small. The quality of the artisanal knives has risen a lot, which resulted in good sales, which again encourages the artisans to improve and evolve.
Apart from custom knives, there were tools and knife making materials. There were forging demonstration by Guillermo García del Monte, Daniel Torres García and the ‘Escuela de Herreros’ from Ramón Recuero. The workshop ‘Assemble your own navaja’ by the Albacete Association of Cutlery Aprecu was a great succes.
According to the organisation, both visitors and exhibitors were very positive. All this augurs well for the future of our fair. A date for next year has not been set yet. European Blades Mag. will keep you informed. In the meantime, you can always have a look at www.feriadecuchilleriademadrid.com
Gilberto Ferreira