Central Europe Knives Exhibition 2018

Central Europe Knives Exhibition 2018

The name is different, the location is different and the lay-out is different. But the organisers of the Central Europe Knives Exhibition in Warsaw, as it is now called, are still the same and Wojciech 'WAR' Ramotowski and Michał Lukaszewski, are more than happy with the changes they made for this year’s show on October 27th.
Text and pictures: Bas Martens
A renovated part of the former Warsaw Vodka Factory in the Praga district.
The ‘Centrum Praskie Koneser’ is located on the premises of the former Warsaw Vodka Factory ‘Konoser’ (connoisseur), which was built in the late 19th Century in the heart of the Praga district. The factory, which in the pre-war days produced a quarter of a million bottles of vodka per day, closed in 2007. The area became a rather obscure place, best left alone by those who had no business being there.
But things have changed. Part of the vodka factory has been renovated and now houses, among other things, a vodka museum. Other parts have been demolished to make place for apartments, offices and stores. One of the new shopping centres has a large exhibition space which was selected to host Central Europe Knives Exhibition. Maybe not as impressive as the Palace of Culture and Science in the city centre, where last year’s show was held, but it does offer more space and better lighting.
The large exhibition space which was chosen for the Central Europe Knives Exhibition 2018. The picture
shows just a small part.

This year’s Knives Exhibition saw around 145 participants. It was a mixed group of custom knife makers, dealers of production knives and related equipment such as flashlights and sellers of knife making materials. In previous editions all these were separated, but the organisers decided to mix it up.
The exhibition floor had more than enough space to walk around, but at the tables it was crowded sometimes and difficult to get a good look. The 2019 edition will be held at the ‘Centrum Praskie Koneser’ as well, most likely on October 19. Knife makers who are interested in participating can email Wojciech Ramotowski (war@knives.pl) or Michał Lukaszewski (pecado@knives.pl). More information will be made available at www.knives.pl and of course, European Blades Mag. will keep you posted.
Left: Tomas Piwowarski makes blades, such as this impressive sword. Right: Well, what do you expect on a
knife show?
A short fixed blade by Arkadiusz Siodla (Siadaka Knives). The blade is 4 mm thick D2, the handle is
Cocobolo wood and brass.

The ‘Arsen’ is a framelock folding knife by Kamil Długosz (KD Knives). The blade is S35VN steel, the
handle is Titanium. The overall length is 210 mm.

Ireneusz Jakubowksi (VC Custom Blades and Mokosh Leathercraft) made this remarkable ‘Post Apo No. 1’.
The blade is D2, the handle is 4h13 stainless steel.
Adam Wroclinsky (Wroan Custom Knives) made this ‘Rax’. The 18.5 cm blade is made from spring steel,
the handle is American Walnut and mild steel. The overall length is 32 cm.
An integral knife made by Mateuss Gasiorowski (GGasiorowski Knives - indeed with double G). The blade
is 4 mm thick D2 steel, the handle is stabilized birch with a 1 mm G10 liner.
The Bulgarian company Noblie represents a wide array of artists, engravers and knife makers for the
production of an exclusive collection of custom knives, daggers and swords. This ‘Gold Owl’ is an example.
The blade is Damascus, the handle is wood, gilded and inlaid with gems.
The ‘Nessmuk’, by Sebastian Cichomsky (Cichy Custom Knives & Razors). The 120 mm long and
3,5 mm thick blade is made of NCV1. The handle is Meranti with a mosaic pin. The overall length of
the knife is 244 mm.
Rafał Brzeski (Brr … Knives) made this ‘Thick Vein’ framelock folding knife. The blade is M390 steel, the
scales are Carbon Fibre and Titanium Grade 5.
The ‘Hunter’ by Artem Sulima. The 100 mm blade is 80crv2 steel, the handle materials are Cocobolo,
Acacia and Buffalo horn.

Artur Szyngwelski (Raptor Artur Knives) made this ‘Mammoth Princess’. The blade is M390 steel, the
handle is made of Mammoth tooth, G10 and Amethyst. The sheath material is frog hide.
Darius Rustecki (SKDR Knives) made this ‘Boone’ outdoor knife. The blade is N690 steel, de handle is
made of Rosewood. The blade is undercut for the use of a firesteel. The knife measures 280 mm.
Kosi Kosi Lapki made this Yakutian knife. The blade is 52100 steel, the handle is beech burl. The overall
length is 254 mm.
A solid fixed blade by Graba Custom. The blade is NC11lv steel, the handle laminate. The overall length
of the knife is 26 cm.
The ‘Hunter’ by GriGo Handmade Knives. The blade is D2 steel with an acid stonewash finish. The handle
is G10. The knife measures approximately 250 mm.
Herman Bartosz made this Balisong BBQ set. The blades are Elmax steel, the handles ara titanium.
Both knife and fork have a 105 mm blade and an overall length of 245 mm.

Ostap Hel is a custom knife maker who also designs for Real Steel. This is his Alpha II custom knife with a
M390 blade and G10 handel.
Marcin Wójcik named his company Makar Knives Tools, but he doesn’t make knives (yet). If he starts,
we would be to see the result, because he is already making amazing custom titanium pens. The upper
one is titanium, the lower one is titanium with Mokuti parts. The pens have an innovative switching system.
When the pen is out, the operating handle blocks the pocket clip.
Patryk Pawlik (Kaminari Custom Knives) specializes is Japanese kitchen knives, as shown by this Yanagi.
The 270 mm knife has a blade of 1095 steel with a selective quench. The handle is made of Elder burl.
Arkadiusz Pihan (Pihan Knives) calls this knife ‘Lanny’s Clip’. This prototype has a 76 mm Elmax blade
and a handle of Arizona Desert Ironwood.
The ‘Habakuk’ by R. Gawrych (Gawrych Custom Knives). The blade is 3.5 mm thick D2 steel, the handle
is Maple Burl and Moose antler. The overall length of the knife is 270 mm.

Rafał Skowronek (Lerka Handmade Knives) made this ‘Little Amber’. The blade is Elmax steel, the handle
is made from Buffalo horn, Green Amber and G10. The knife measures 200 mm.
A kitchen knife by Remigiusz Pacer. The blade is Bulat/Wootz steel. The handle is African Blackwood.
The overall length of the knife is 310 mm.

The ‘Opus Magnum’ from Tomasz Ostrowski. The knife has an Elmax blade and a handle made of
stabilizedOak Burl, Acrylic, Stainless Steel and Vulcanized fibre. The overall length is 270 mm.