Cancelled ... and now?

The European Blades Mag. knife show agenda reads like the departure signs of an airport: CANCELLED, CANCELLED, CANCELLED and maybe one or two DELAYED.
The impact of the Corona crisis is enormous. Every day brings new, and mostly unpleasant developments. And while we are still in the midst of the storm, we can only imagine how the world will look like when this is over. In the meantime, we can only express our deepest respect and gratitude for those who are actually fighting this horrible virus, and are taking care of its thousands of victims.
Since the beginning of the Corona crisis, we have counted almost twenty knife shows which had to be cancelled. These cancellations are, of course, very bad news for the organisers and knife makers who depend on the shows for their income. Quite a few shows are private initiatives, and cancellation means a severe blow. Knife makers are looking for other means to sell and send their products, which is not easy with hampering postal services.
The optimists among us may see a glimpse: without shows, knife makers have little else to do than making knives – at least if they still have materials. So when all this is over, we may see some surprises.
In times of crisis everybody has his own problems. Some may seem less significant than others. European Blades Mag. has a lesser problem: without knife shows, we lost a lot of advertisers – our only source of income. So, with some hesitation, we ask for help. We know that needs are much bigger elsewhere, but if you like what we do: support us with a small donation, either through Patreon ( or Paypal ( Thank you!