Auctions: A deluxe Polish silver-mounted karabela

This deluxe Polish silver-mounted karabela, mid-19th century, was one of the notable items in the Antique Arms and Armour auction of Hermann Historica in Munich, Germany, which was held on May 27.
Pictures © Hermann Historica 2021

The description in the auction catalogue is as follows:
Dating from circa 1600, the older, single-edged blade with fullers on both sides and a broad, double-edged point. The obverse with the gold-inlaid motto "Iudica domine nocentes, me expugna impugnantes me" ("Contend, O Lord, with those who contend with me; fight against those who fight against me." David, Psalm 35). Saw tooth marks struck on the reverse. The delicately engraved and chased, partially gilt quillons with decorative tendrils on both sides. Ivory grip scales with grip frames and rivets in finely engraved, partially gilt silver. The elaborately worked scabbard in partially gilt silver with decorative tendrils on both sides, interspersed with fields of imitation ray skin in silver. Two movable suspension rings. All fittings stamped with an assayer's mark, the mark of fineness "15" (scabbard), "13" (grip) and an unknown manufacturer's mark "SPC". Length 87.5 cm.

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