Knife Shows
On our Home Page, you will find a listing of European Knife Shows. We would like to have this listing as complete as possble. If you organise a show which is not in this list, please let us know. That is not just to get the agenda in order. European Blades Mag. wants to report on all major European knife shows. For this, we have a group of correspondents. But it starts with one thing: we have to know the show exists. So please send us the details (place, date, contact details and website or Facebook page).
This first issue of European Blades Mag features an interview with Belgian Knife maker Véronique Laurent. We intend to have similar interviews in every issue, with knife and blade makers from all over Europe. You will see some familiar faces but also meet new makers, and get a glimpse into their life and work.
What’s next?
Did you like what you saw? Please let us know. We have a lot of plans, and we would appreciate any help we can get. Europe has a tremendously rich history en great blade makers. There is plenty to write about.